Scott Tibbs

Politicians hate social media

By Scott Tibbs, October 16, 2019

In a tweet that shows she does not know very much about how social media works, Elizabeth Warren said "the public deserves to know how Facebook intends to use their influence in this election." Of course, Facebook is part of the Silicon Valley establishment and has shown itself to be biased in favor of the Left. Facebook banned Paul Joseph Watson from Facebook and Instagram, fraudulently labeling him as "dangerous" and connecting him to violence. Yes, those selfies on Instagram are really dangerous.

Let's be real here: Facebook does not plan on influencing the election, except maybe to unseat Donald Trump. What Warren is really angry about is that the average person can share his views to a wide audience, without the need to have his message filtered by the mainstream media. Facebook is not the target. Facebook's users are the target. Warren wants to use government force to shut us up.

Statists have always hated free speech. The anger over Russian "interference" in the 2016 election is not really about Russia. The amount Russian front groups spent on Facebook ads is a raindrop in the ocean. The real target is the average voter who is sharing news articles, memes and personal observations about politics. The news media cannot stand the fact that they no longer have a monopoly on what people see. That is why Democrats pressured Facebook into putting "fact checks" below articles you see in your news feed.

Do not believe the hype. This is not about Big Tech and never was. This is about the average voter having access to mass communication. This is about bullying Facebook into silencing your voice.

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