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By Scott Tibbs, September 20, 2019

I have often been a critic of law enforcement overreach, and I believe "sobriety checkpoints" should be banned. With that said, I think it is reasonable for police officers to pull over a vehicle registered to someone with a suspended driver's license. Police have long had the right to question or detain someone if there is probable cause, and this is probable cause. Would it possibly be inconvenient for an innocent person to be pulled over? Sure, but it is not a violation of his/her rights.

The Bulwark is hoping that Milo Yiannopoulos' financial troubles is a sign that trolling is not a good strategy for a political pundit, but I think they are too optimistic. Yiannopoulos was a rising star on the right, was invited to speak at colleges around the nation, and had been scheduled to be a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference. What brought him down was not being a troll, but the fact that he defended pederasty on a podcast. There are plenty of people who have made themselves famous by trolling. Like it or not, that is the reality of politics right now.

The Alt-Right can be insufferable on Twitter, and one of the more annoying claims is the lie that the Anti-Defamation League was founded "to defend a man who raped and murdered a child." No, that is not true, as "the idea for ADL, conceived by Sigmund Livingston, a Chicago attorney, preceded the case." More importantly, Frank was later exonerated. A different man committed the murder. That did not prevent a mob from forcibly removing Frank from jail and murdering him. Large segments of the Alt-Right seem obsessed with child molestation conspiracy theories like this one and "pizzagate." It is really creepy.

Some have floated the idea of a "climate change department" in Bloomington city government, which should be categorically rejected. The extent of man's impact on climate is heavily debated, as are the proposed solutions to it, but man certainly has an impact on climate.That said, there is absolutely nothing a mid-sized city in Indiana can do about that. If this can be addressed, it must be an international agreement that includes developing nations like China and Indiana. A climate change department in city government would be little more than a way for politicians to virtue signal to the Democratic Party base, and to waste money on patronage jobs. This is not how we should be spending our tax dollars.

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