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Am I racist against myself?

By Scott Tibbs, September 6, 2019

So I was called a "racist" in the comments for my letter to the editor because I used the word "thugs" to describe Antifa. So who exactly am I racist against? Myself? Because any time you see "Antifa" they are almost entirely white people, and this includes the black-clad masked thugs intimidating people at the Bloomington Farmer's Market and taking over city streets and blocking traffic for a protest march. Claiming this is a racial issue is absurd on its face.

Not only was the factual basis for the comment completely factually wrong, the comment quoted an article about how words like thugs are used as a justification for "occupation-style policing." The obvious problem with this is that is not one single person in Monroe County who has spoken out more against police militarization and aggressive use of force than I have.

I made opposing police militarization a key part of my campaign for city council in 2015, and I was the only candidate who opposed the city acquiring a Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) military vehicle. Not only that, but if I had not raised the issue, no one in Bloomington would have known about the city's attempt to get the vehicle. I spoke against the city buying a "bearcat" armored vehicle at a city council meeting in early 2018 and was loudly cheered by Black Lives Matter. I wrote two letters to the editor opposing the purchase. Saying I support "occupation-style policing" is a desperate and pathetic lie.

This is where the Left goes off the rails with policing language. When we cannot even call out thuggish behavior by white people without being fraudulently accused of "racism," then we have lost the ability to have any kind of reasonable conversation - and the race baiters have lost all credibility.

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