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Revisiting the MGTOW movement

By Scott Tibbs, August 9, 2019

Let's be brutally honest: While the "Men Going Their Own Way" (MGTOW) movement is wrong in its abandonment of romantic connections with women, MGTOW and the broader "manosphere" does make some reasonable points. The family court system is biased against men in terms of child custody. There are plenty of men who have been "divorce-raped" by their ex-wives - losing their children, their home, and so forth. From a human standpoint, avoiding the risk that comes with marriage is understandable.

With that said, we should not pretend that this risk is a one-sided proposition. There are women who have been violently abused and cheated on, and have had their children taken away and turned against them when they finally leave an abusive husband. Just as many men have been surprised to be victimized by a vengeful ex-wife, many women have been victimized by bad men too. There is as much reason for a WGTOW movement as for a MGTOW movement.

All of life involves risk. If you take one job, you risk being treated badly and unjustly terminated when you could have done better at a different job. If you buy one car, you might get a clunker and would have been far better off with another one. We could list an infinite number of examples, where someone went into a situation expecting good things only to have everything go off the rails. Men and women both make themselves vulnerable to each other when they walk down the aisle. So we should just give up, right?

No. That is not God's plan. Sliding into bitterness and despair is not the right way to address the problems that feminists have created for men - or the pain that bad men have caused women. Instead, we have to step out in faith and trust God. Yes, much of this does involve proper vetting on our part, and listening to wise counsel from brothers and sisters in the faith. Just as there are bad marriages that end in tragedy, there are plenty of good marriages. Do not abandon a good thing that was established by God in the Garden of Eden before the Fall just because Satan has done his best to destroy it.

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