Scott Tibbs

Men are not women

By Scott Tibbs, July 24, 2019

Transgenderism is a radical shift in liberal sexual orthodoxy, and everyone's freedom is at stake in this battle. Transgenderism is sinister as it mandates that people affirm that a biological man is a woman, or vice versa. One area this is especially harmful is girls' and women's sports.

As Alexandra DeSanctis notes at National Review:
The current record-holder for the entire U.S. in the women’s 55-meter run is a biological male, who is permitted by the NCAA’s transgender-athlete policy to compete against women.
This is madness.

The reality is that men are faster, stronger and more durable than women. In an athletic competition, this means men have a natural advantage, and this is why we have separate leagues for men and women. The U.S. Women's team may have crushed their competition at the World Cup, but they famously lost to a group of 14 year old boys. What happens in 2023 if one of the other nations decides to be "progressive" and sends a team of "trans women" to the World Cup? Does anyone think they will not dominate the matches?

Please spare me the usual pandering about specific women being better than specific men. Ronda Rousey and Maria Sharapova are better athletes than I could ever hope to be. But the question is not whether a couple of women professional athletes are physically superior to a blogger in Indiana. The statement that men are better athletes than women is generally true, and the fact that something is not universally true does not negate it being generally true.

If a man wants to live as a woman, that is one thing. It is quite another to mandate that everyone else affirm the lie that he actually is a woman, and to force his way into women's sports under the banner of "non-discrimination." That is grossly unfair to women and girls competing in sports, and makes a mockery of the fact that we have sex distinctions at all. Transgenderism threatens women's rights, freedom of association and religious freedom. This nonsense must be opposed, and we must not retreat from the backlash of the "woke scolds" on social media.

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