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David French's lack of humility and grace

By Scott Tibbs, July 12, 2019

I have often defended David French from unfair attacks by Donald Trump's supporters, but I was deeply disappointed by his broadside on fellow Christians in Time. His lack of humility and grace is definitely not in keeping with the example presented by the Lord Jesus Christ.

To be perfectly fair, French is correct that some Christians support Trump out of fear. I have been appalled at the cult-like loyalty that some self-proclaimed Christians have displayed for Trump.

But my support for Trump is not because I am terrified of any of the Democrats. Trump has been strong on opposing abortion, supporting religious liberty, and repealing economically harmful regulations put in place by Barack Obama. Trump signed a significant tax cut, and has been a strong friend of Israel. On policy, he has been very good, though I wish he would behave professionally in office.

So now Christians are faced with the landscape of the 2020 election as it is, not as we wish it would be. If Trump remains in office, we have someone we can work with and who will listen to our concerns. There is no realistic chance that another Republican will be the nominee, no matter how desirable that might be. So we can re-elect a deeply personally flawed man who has been good on policy or we can withhold our votes and allow a Democrat to become President in January of 2021.

This, then, is our choice: We can continue the good policies Donald Trump has implemented, or we can pick one of the Democrats - who will certainly push a "social justice warrior" agenda with support for radically expanded abortion, attacks on religious freedom, attacks on the Second Amendment, significant tax increases and burdensome regulations on business.

Am I living in fear of this? No. We will have a Republican Senate that will block the worst legislation from passing, but there is harm a Democrat can do administratively. Above all else, God is sovereign. But God's sovereignty does not absolve Christians of making wise and discerning choices in who we pick to be our leaders. We should do our best, even when both major party candidates are flawed.

Like French, I did not vote for Trump in 2016. I voted for the Constitution Party candidate. In many ways, Trump has been better than I expected him to be. I will be voting for Trump in 2020. Tens of millions of sincere Christians who do not endorse Trump's personal behavior will do the same, as we simultaneously pray for him to repent and publicly call on him to repent.

French will not vote for Trump, and I respect that choice. He must do what he believes is right. I wish French would extend the same respect to me and millions of sincere Christians who will be voting for Trump.

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