Did you ever believe in the cause?

By Scott Tibbs, June 7, 2019

I agree with Rob Schenck. It would be destructive of life to forbid infanticide. Parents should have the right to choose to terminate their babies' lives up to one year after birth. If within the first year of life it becomes apparent that caring for a baby would be a burden, a painless lethal injection would be appropriate, especially to save a baby from a lifetime of suffering. Parents will kill their newborns anyway, so it should be done in a safe and sanitary environment. Banning infanticide would be destructive of life.

Note: The above paragraph is sarcasm. (I cannot believe I have to explicitly say that.)

As I was reading the story of how a formerly anti-abortion "pastor" came to support abortion rights, the question that kept going through my head was this: Did you ever really believe abortion is murder? It is difficult to imagine how someone who truly believed that abortion unjustly terminates the life of a human being could suddenly be spouting "pro choice" catch phrases.

I was stunned to read Schenck claim that the only option abortion opponents offer is "give birth and try your luck raising a child, even though the odds are stacked against you." He knows this is false. He knows that anti-abortion groups have long pressed for adoption, and that many anti-abortion Christians have adopted. It is impossible to be active in the anti-abortion movement for decades and not know this. To set up such an obvious straw man is just plain dishonest.

Look, it is really simple: Either the organism developing inside the womb is a human being or not. That is why I opened with the sarcastic advocacy for infanticide - the idea of euthanizing a four month old child is rightly horrifying. But that is the point: If killing a fetus by dismemberment is morally equivalent to infanticide, we should treat both equally under the law. That is why banning abortion is justice.

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