Sidewalk counseling and an egomaniac politician

By Scott Tibbs, May 20, 2019

A state representative in Pennsylvania filmed himself harassing and threatening pro-life advocates outside a Planned Parenthood, posting the video online. Since this was an egotistical effort to virtue signal for attention, I will not name the state representative. He does not deserve the fame he seeks. I will instead refer to him as "Self-Righteous Hypocrite Stalker," or SRHS for short.

SRHS immediately started berating a woman for picketing, engaging in the same behavior he was accusing her of committing. The sidewalk counselor was "shaming" people for doing something they have a constitutional right to do, SRHS said. Of course, abortion is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, but free speech is explicitly protected, so SRHS was attacking and shaming someone for exercising her constitutional rights.

But it actually gets much worse than that, as SRHS offered money for people to expose the private information of two teenage girls, presumably so they can be subjected to harassment, death threats and rape threats by deranged pro-abortion extremists. This is truly evil behavior.

Anti-abortion activists have called on SRHS to "resign," but that is not what should happen. No, SRHS should be thrown out of office. Threatening to dox teenage girls could well be illegal, so any law broken should be aggressively prosecuted and if convicted he should face the maximum criminal penalty. SRHS is a dangerous individual, and it is only a matter of time before he escalates his stalking and harassment.

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