The miracle of Good Friday

By Scott Tibbs, April 19, 2019

Today, we remember that the Lord of All Creation sacrificed Himself as the ultimate offering for man's sins. Even more amazing, our sin was primarily against the very Messiah who sacrificed Himself for our sins. We all deserve eternal damnation in Hell Fire for our sins against God, and yet He allowed His only Son to take the punishment that we wicked sinners so richly deserved.

All of the Christians attending Good Friday services today, and all of those who are not, would have been screaming "crucify Him" and urging that Jesus be handed over to the pagan Roman Empire to be tortured to death. We should think about this today. Realize that each and every one of us is individually guilty of the worst crime in the history of the universe: Not only the murder of an innocent Man, but the murder of the Son of God. We all committed deicide.

The thought of Christ sacrificing Himself for the sins of His creation goes against every fiber of our being. When someone wrongs us, we want to see "justice" for that wrong. This is not a wrong orientation, because God made us in His image and it is natural to want to see sin punished, and for us to be restored. But it is safe to say that no man would have done what Jesus did - willingly offered Himself for sins committed against Him. But the reality is that He crossed the stars to do just that!

Yes, this Sunday will be a great celebration of Christ's glorious resurrection, and we should be thankful that God raised our Savior from the dead. But we cannot have Easter Sunday without Good Friday - a name that is rather strange for the darkest day in the history of the universe.

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