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By Scott Tibbs, March 18, 2019

♣ - There is no such thing as sex slavery. The fact that term exists is offensive. The correct term is rape slavery. None of these slaves are having "sex." They are being raped.

♣ - Can we please stop with the idiotic meme that we cannot speak ill of the dead? This one is easy, and I realize I am proving Godwin's Law here, but Adolf Hitler is dead. Most Nazi war criminals are dead. Should we not condemn the Holocaust? Because that is really stupid.

♣ - Charter schools should not get referendum tax dollars. Voters approved a referendum in 2010 and 2016, they voted for money to go to MCCSC, not another school. (I voted no both times.) For the legislature to vote after the fact and change the distribution that voters approved is simply wrong. Let's not pull a bait and switch on voters.

♣ - If a biological male who identifies as a biological male wants to use the girls' restroom, should he be allowed to do so? Does he have a constitutional right to do that? If the answer is "no" then this case has no merit.

♣ - Momo is not a thing. Even some of the news media covering it have used the word "hoax" and then engage in scaremongering anyway. Stop terrifying parents with the "Momo Challenge."

♣ - The only way to get the deficit under control is to embrace entitlement reform. Unfortunately Republicans have no courage to do it, and Democrats want to keep the gravy train running... right off the fiscal cliff.

♣ - If only previous Republican Presidents had the guts to do something like this. This was a problem when George W. Bush was President, and he did nothing.

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