Why is the New York Times covering for domestic terrorists?

By Scott Tibbs, March 14, 2019

Note: I sent this to the New York Times on March 4.

I was shocked to read in the New York Times the following excuse for University of California, Berkeley canceling a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos back in 2017:
"Students at multiple campuses threatened to boycott events where Mr. Yiannopoulos was to speak, forcing them to cancel the appearances."
Only two years ago, the Times reported that "rioters smashed windows, set fires and threw rocks at police" to protest Yiannopoulos. UCal Berkeley caved to violent domestic terrorists and canceled the speech.

Yiannopoulos' speech was not canceled because of threats to "boycott" the event, and the Times knows it. The speech was canceled because of violent Leftist terrorists who vowed to silence Yiannopoulos by any means necessary. Why would the New York Times openly lie about this, and give cover to domestic terrorists in the process? This is worse than "fake news." This is deceitful propaganda.

Note: This is not a defense of Yiannopoulos himself, who is far too often toxic and loves to intentionally provoke anger. But no matter what you think of a speaker's opinions or combative style, domestic terrorists should never be allowed to censor that speaker with wanton violence and rioting. We must demand our public universities uphold the rule of law and not surrender to these moral degenerates.

Do you understand why so many Trump supporters cheer when he attacks the mainstream media? This is why: Flagrantly dishonest articles that push outright falsehoods that contradict even your own previous coverage. If you are unhappy about the way Trump or conservatives generally treat you, stop being terrible at your job. Stop pushing Leftist propaganda. Print stories that are truthful, factual and honest.

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