Hate crimes are illegal. There is no reason to feel "unsafe."

By Scott Tibbs, March 11, 2019

Are some of the proponents of "hate crime" legislation hysterical, or are they simply dishonest? Do they not realize that hate crimes are already illegal?

One argument for legislation protecting a specific list of politically favored classes via "hate crime" legislation is that big corporations say their employees "feel unsafe" in a state without a "hate crimes" law. This is asinine. Hate crimes are already illegal. It has never been legal to physically attack or murder someone, or vandalize another person's property, because you are bigoted. As a law-and-order conservative, I support harsh punishments for all violent crime. Attempted murder should be an automatic life in prison without the possibility of parole and murder should automatically bring the death penalty.

From the rhetoric of the people pushing "hate crimes" legislation, you would not know that. You would think victims of "hate crimes" have no legal protection. This is a shamefully dishonest way of spinning the state of law in our state, and is a smear against our judges, prosecutors and police officers. You can "feel" however you want, but the fact is that you are not actually unsafe. You are fully protected by the law, and anyone who commits a physical crime against you will be subject to prosecution and punishment.

There is no need to pass "hate crime" legislation, with or without a list of politically favored groups. The Republican super-majority should reject special-interest corporate lobbying and refuse to pass a "hate crimes" bill at all.

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