Fabricating "misrepresentations" that never happened

By Scott Tibbs, February 25, 2019

Since I was falsely accused of presenting "misrepresentations" about Planned Parenthood, I figure I should finally respond. The author failed to identify a single "misrepresentation" in my letter.

Yes, abortion is "legal." I never said it was not. There was no misrepresentation.

Abortion rates have dropped nationally and statewide. Not only did I not deny that, I explicitly mentioned in my letter that abortion had declined significantly statewide, as a way to draw a contrast to the numbers in Monroe County.

Abortions have skyrocketed in Monroe County. You can spin and rationalize the numbers as much as you want, but the fact remains that abortions went up. There was obviously no misrepresentation in pointing that out. Here are the abortions in Monroe County by year:

♣ 2014 -- 718 babies murdered by abortion

♣ 2015 -- 822 babies murdered by abortion

♣ 2016 -- 1016 babies murdered by abortion

♣ 2017 -- 1065 babies murdered by abortion

I never said that federal, state or local tax monies go to pay for abortions, and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. That is a figment of my critics' imaginations. Quite frankly, it is unethical for the Herald-Times to print a letter accusing me of saying things I never said. What I actually did say is that it is an abomination that an organization that is killing ever-more babies (including over 2000 babies killed in two years) is getting money from local property tax dollars. It does not matter what the money is used for, this evil organization should never get a single penny of tax money.

This is the problem with too many Leftists. My critic (and his cheerleaders in the comments) could have easily made the arguments against my letter without falsely accusing me of "misrepresenting" the facts. He knows for a fact that my letter did not misrepresent anything, so the false accusation was an "ad hominem" meant to attack me personally.

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