46 years of legalized baby-slaughter

By Scott Tibbs, January 22, 2019

Forty-six years ago today, seven men condemned over 60,000,000 innocent unborn babies to death by making abortion a "constitutional right" that never existed from the time the Constitution was ratified until until the Supreme Court invented it. After a decade where this nation made immense progress ensuring that everyone has equal rights under the law regardless of skin color, the 1970's saw our nation abandon equal protection under the law for unborn babies.

It is difficult to comprehend the scope of this national tragedy, the worst mass murder campaign in human history. This is because we hide behind euphemisms like "reproductive choice," with some even going so far as to describe abortion as "women's health care." We do not want to think about the bloody reality, and even many pro-life people become irrationally angry when someone exposes the reality of abortion through photographs. People do not want to think about the fact that over one thousand babies are murdered in Bloomington, Indiana every year.

I should mind my own business, some say. But when others are being harmed, we should not mind our own business. Abolitionists did not mind their own business when chattel slavery was legal in these United States, and many whites did not mind their own business as blacks sought to end Jim Crow laws. We did not mind our own business regarding child labor laws and we refuse to mind our own business as women are sexually abused. Abortion is orders of magnitude worse than all of those other things combined.

This is not about controlling women's sexuality, or about controlling men's sexuality. This is about protecting the rights of innocent human beings. The pro-life movement is unique in that every single person involved in that movement is speaking up for someone else. Other protest movements, even those advocating for good and moral things, include people with a self-interest in stopping a terrible thing. Unborn babies cannot advocate on their own behalf, so we must do it for them.

I have been involved in the anti-abortion movement for over 20 years. In that time, great progress has been made at the state and national level in protecting the unborn, but we still have nearly a million babies a year murdered by abortion. We should all take time today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, to pray to God for his Holy Spirit to send a revival on our land to finally eliminate abortion, and to forgive all of us for our apathy and cowardice in opposing this terrible evil.

I will close with some sobering numbers about what is happening in our own city.

2014 - 718 babies murdered by abortion in Bloomington, Indiana.

2015 - 822 babies murdered by abortion in Bloomington, Indiana.

2016 - 1,016 babies murdered by abortion in Bloomington, Indiana.

2017 - 1,065 babies murdered by abortion in Bloomington, Indiana.

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