It is time to abolish women's sports

By Scott Tibbs, January 2, 2019

One of the purposes of Title IX when it was signed into law (as part of a larger piece of legislation) was to ensure women have equal access to sports programs, at both university and high school level. The "transgender" cult is obliterating the purpose of Title IX by pushing women out of women's sports and giving them unfair competition.

We segregate sports by sex for a reason. Men are stronger, faster, and more durable than women. It is therefore unfair to allow men to compete against women in sports, because of men's natural biological advantages in athletic competition. Also, please spare me the boring and tiresome habit of pointing to specific women who are stronger, faster and more durable than specific men. Obviously Maria Sharapova is a better athlete than Scott Tibbs ever was or could be. Most kindergartners have a higher bench press, top running speed and vertical leap than I do. I am speaking of the general population, and everyone outside of brainwashed gender studies professors knows these scientific facts.

Women's sports records will soon be obsolete. When a man can pretend to be a woman and be the world record holder in weightlifting, sprinting, swimming or any number of other things, women's world records are totally meaningless. At some point, "transgender" nonsense will lead to all of the world records in "women's sports" being held by men.

In some cases, sex segregation is necessary for the safety of women in sports. Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey has been demonized as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) because she refuses to fight a "trans woman." (In other words, a biological man who lives as a woman.) But the case of Fallon Fox brutalizing and severely injuring a woman in a MMA match proves Rousey right. Having a biological man fight a woman puts the woman in serious danger because of the physical disadvantage a woman has in that fight. (Now, the question of women's MMA itself is another issue entirely.)

If the insanity of the transgender cult is going to be the standard, then let's just abolish women's sports. Have one group of athletes all compete for the same spots on sports teams: No more men who wash out of the men's leagues and then "transition" so they can cheat to win. If a woman can compete against the men and earn a spot on a team, great. For most female athletes, this will not be possible, so they will be left on the sidelines. That is too bad, but is the only fair response to this anti-science "transgender" nonsense.

Or, ideally, we could actually recognize scientific facts on sex differences and tell the GLBTQ+ mob to stuff it. That is the ideal solution, but it requires courage and sanity.

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