Scott Tibbs

There was never "danger" at the Farmer's Market

Printed in the Herald-Times, August 27, 2019

To the Editor:

The saddest thing about the damage done to our community Farmer's Market (and especially to the other vendors who had nothing to do with the Schooner Creek Farm controversy) is how completely unnecessary this was. Schooner Creek never discriminated against anyone at the market or pushed white supremacist ideology at the market. They never threatened to harm anyone. They deny being white supremacists.

No one was "unsafe" due to SCF selling vegetables at the market. In fact, before this controversy erupted and no one knew about it, they were peacefully selling vegetables. The threat came when black-clad, masked "Antifa" thugs were intimidating people in the market. The cowardice and incompetence of Mayor Hamilton allowed this to escalate, when he should have instructed the police to restore order.

I intentionally went to the Schooner Creek booth on August 17 to purchase from them. Their cherry tomatoes are spectacular!

This doesn't mean I agree with them. One big problem with "identitarianism" is that it ignores a significant demographic problem. Americans are not reproducing at replacement rates. If we do not have significant immigration, we would have a declining population. A country with a declining population is a country in decline.

Scott Tibbs.

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