"All Options" should not get corporate welfare

Printed in the Herald-Times, May 18, 2019.

To the Editor:

The city council is considering how to allocate $313,387.18 in funds to social service agencies with $617,394.46 in requests for funding. The $10,000 request by the All Options Pregnancy Resource Center should be an easy "no."

Providing diapers to needy families is a good cause. The local pro-life community has been collecting diapers at the annual Rally for Life for decades now. But All Options does more than give diapers to needy families: They have a fund to pay for killing unborn babies. No organization that directly kills babies or pays for those babies to be killed should be funded by local property tax dollars.

All Options comes back to the city council year after year for the same program, despite the fact that the Hopkins fund is supposed to be for a one-time investment. Clearly this standard is meaningless.

The city council needs to stop running roughshod over the conscience of pro-life taxpayers by giving money to groups engaged in morally abominable activities. If the nine council members were truly pro-choice, they would leave funding of organizations like "All Options" to the private sector. We are a generous community, and that $10,000 can easily be raised without government coercion.

Scott Tibbs.

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