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Vote for accountability and transparency

By Scott Tibbs, November 5, 2018

Tomorrow is election day, and if you live in Perry Township I strongly urge you to get out and vote for me.

I am running for township board because township government spends over $1 million per year and many people do not even know what it does. Abiding by the bare minimum legal requirements is not good enough anymore. It is 2018, not 1985. All meeting agendas and meeting times should be online, and meeting minutes should also be online. I am running because I see some areas where I think things can be done better.

This is a reasonable, common-sense suggestion to improve public policy. This is not a controversial position on a hot-button social issue, nor is it an attack on anyone's character. In response to this common-sense and non-controversial proposal, Democrats have viciously personally attacked me and spread vicious lies about me. This shows the Democrats have an entitlement mentality and are not open to non-controversial input from constituents. We need to reject the Democrats' entitlement mentality and bring balance to township government, which consists of four Democrats and zero Republicans.

I have been active in the Republican Party since 1996 and have been advocating conservative principles and fiscal restraint to local government since then. I was the Executive Director of the Monroe County Taxpayers Association. I have worked in accounting for sixteen years, in both the public and private sector. I have studied Perry Township's annual reports and I am ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Tomorrow, Voters have a choice. They can vote for an entitled, arrogant political party that becomes enraged at even the suggestion of how something can be improved - policies embraced by other Democrats in city and county government. Or voters can decide to drain the swamp and make a change. Vote for diversity. Vote for accountability. Vote for transparency. Vote for Tibbs.