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Transgender activism and the end of feminism

By Scott Tibbs, October 24, 2018

When anyone can be a woman, women do not exist. Therefore, women's rights become meaningless.

Paul Joseph Watson recently tweeted a picture of some parking spaces for "ladies only." Of course, this doesn't mean that people who are fully biologically male cannot park there. A man need only "identify" as female in order to park in the "ladies only" spots. Gender is fluid, according to radical Leftist gender theory. Trans "women" actually are women, according to radical Leftist gender theory. So if I identify as a woman long enough to get a prime parking spot, who are they to tell me I am not allowed to do that?

We know that women's sports mean nothing, thanks to radical Leftist gender theory. There have been many documented cases of biological males pretending to be "women" and entering women's sports. With greater bone density and muscle mass, these men then predictably dominate the actual women. In one truly horrifying case, a biological man pretending to be a "woman" entered a women's mixed martial arts event and savagely beat and seriously injured an actual biological woman.

At some point, Leftists are going to need to choose between feminism and radical gender theory. Losing a parking space is one thing. Losing the right to privacy is something much worse. Women, teenagers and even prepubescent girls are told they must share restrooms and locker rooms with biological males who have intact male genitalia. They have had their right to privacy stripped away and if a few women and girls are sexually assaulted in the process, that is just collateral damage on the road to full equality. It is an insane mindset that must be defeated, but it will not be defeated by so-called "feminists" who have betrayed women. It can only be defeated by conservatives who refuse to deny biological reality.