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Do not just vote straight ticket!

By Scott Tibbs, September 28, 2018

I released the following statement on Monday, from my campaign for Perry Township Board:

Monroe County is a place with a progressive ideological bent, and many voters are upset with Donald Trump. But I urge voters to not simply vote for every Democrat on the ballot just because they do not like Trump. Examine each race, and what the candidates want to do while in office, before you vote. The responsibilities of local government are very different from policy at the national level. Voters are doing a disservice to themselves and their community when they cast a straight ticket vote.

Do you think it is important to be fully transparent? Do you think a unit of government that spends over $1 million dollars per year (collected via local property taxes) should go above and beyond the minimum transparency requirements of the law, to put meeting minutes and meeting agendas online, including on social media? I am running because I want to see this improve. There is simply no rational argument against expanding transparency by putting all relevant information online.

The township trustee was insulting and arrogant in Herald-Times comments when I called for expanded transparency in July, saying: "If you need one you can get an Subsidized Phone and call us and we'll tell you the meeting times over that device." This kind of dismissive arrogance is why we need Republican representation on the township board. Decades of one-party rule has produced an entitlement mentality that should be disciplined by the voters this fall.