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Mandatory acceptance of transgenderism

By Scott Tibbs, March 21, 2018

A so-called "judge" in Idaho has now forced the state to allow people to falsify legal documents:
Idaho now has until April 6 to begin considering applications for people who wish to change their birth certificates to accurately reflect their gender identity.
This is absurd.

First of all, no one in the history of the universe has ever been "assigned" a gender at birth. What happens when a child is born is that the doctor looks at the baby's genitals and observes biological reality: He is male or she is female. This is not a decision of the doctor or the parents. It was determined without them, when the embryo developed either XY or XX chromosomes. It shows an astonishing ignorance of basic human biology for Leftists to pretend that sex is "assigned" instead of recognized.

Second, this demonstrates that the goal of the militant transgender movement is mandatory acceptance of lifestyle choices. If someone wants to live as the opposite sex, that is one thing. We live in a very tolerant country. It is another thing entirely to retroactively change a legal document to flagrantly lie about the biological reality of a baby's sex. Militant transgenders want to force the state to falsify their birth certificate to endorse their lifestyle choices. This is also why militant transgenders want to force private businesses to allow biological men into bathrooms with women and little girls.

It is this, not bigotry or hatred, why so many Americans reject the transgender movement. We object being forced by authoritarians to say or affirm things we know are factually untrue. We object to being labeled as bigots or ignorant because we believe biological sex is reality. This authoritarianism from the cultural Left is arguably the biggest reason why Donald Trump was elected as President: Voting for Trump was seen as an act of self-defense against Leftists determined to force us to accept and endorse beliefs we know are wrong and factually untrue.

If Leftists want Trump to be re-elected, this is how you do it.