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We need to scrap this entire conversation about consent

By Scott Tibbs, January 3, 2018

If men do not want to be falsely accused of rape, the answer is simple: Do not have sex until you are married, and then only have sex with your wife. That will remove all of the gray areas and emotional minefields, as well as greatly minimize (or eliminate) the possibility for things to be misinterpreted or for regret about reluctant sex being reinterpreted as rape.

Ben Shapiro asks the following question:
And if we water down consent to nothingness, how can we ever expect men to feel safe in the knowledge that a sexual encounter won't come with life-altering implications?
We cannot expect that, and that is the entire point.

In fact, we need end this entire conversation about consent - affirmative or otherwise - and recognize that we have gone far afield of God's design for the sexual act.

Sex is a messy business. There are conflicting emotions involved, mixed signals between the sexes, and different expectations between men and women. Add alcohol and intoxication (noting that intoxication and incapacitation are not the same) and things start to become even more blurry. So we are trying to untangle a mess created by the sexual revolution without realizing the sexual revolution itself is the problem.

The best option, then, is to return to God's design for sex: One man, one woman, for life in a committed monogamous marriage. We as a society thought we would be more free and more happy by erasing social and religious constraints on sex, and we have failed. Piling on rules and creating new social norms will never bring the simplicity of God's design. The Bible was right all along. What a surprise.