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The Pence rule protects women and victimizes no one

By Scott Tibbs, December 4, 2017

We live in an age that is so depraved and perverted that efforts to remain sexually pure and preserve marital fidelity are seen as evil, oppressive and even violent. The very same people who decry "shaming" are themselves shaming Mike Pence and his supporters. Such is the premise of one blog post at a fake "christian" website. I am reluctant to link to this filth but a simple Google search of what I quote here will bring it up.

Of course, as much as Pence gets credit for the Pence rule, it has actually been in place for a very long time. Billy Graham popularized it among modern evangelicals in 1948, and Mike Pence was not even born until 1959. In reality, this rule pre-dates both men by thousands of years.

The first absurdity is that the Pence rule is "based upon the notion that men cannot control their sexual urges, that they are no better than beasts." No, it does no such thing for either men or women. It recognizes that man is fallen and sinful. Even those who very well-disciplined in maintaining sexual purity can be tempted. This attack is a cynical and dishonest view of the Pence rule that displays none of the charity of the "jesus christ" that the folks at Patheos pretend to worship.

Then we move from cynical and dishonest to outright lies and fabrications.
Skirt short enough to display your knees and you get groped or raped? Under the 'Pence Rule' it is your own fault for leading a man on by showing too much skin and being alone with a man.
Of course, this is a damnable lie. No one who advocates the Pence rule makes this argument, and Suzanne Calulu knows it. One one level, this is a straw man: Setting up a weak argument someone never made and knocking it over. But it is far worse than that. It is a lie, a smear, and defamation of character. Calulu is a liar. She is most certainly not a "christian."

To her bullet points: No, women are not prohibited from enjoying sex. This is absurd, and easily refuted by Deuteronomy 24:5. Orthodox Christians have always viewed sex within marriage as a gift from God. The Apostle Paul describes it as a "duty," and the Puritans (remember those no-fun, stuck-up prudes?) actually excommunicated a man who refused to have sex with his wife after she complained to the church.

No one who advocates the Pence rule is arguing that women "exist primarily for the use by men for their sexual pleasant." That is a lie. No one is arguing that "consent does not matter." That is a lie. Those "implications" of the Pence rule were completely and totally fabricated by Suzanne Calulu's perverted mind.

The Pence rule provides three levels of protection. It protects women from being abused, it protects both men and women from immorality, and it protects men from false accusations. Think about that last one for a minute. As Ann Coulter said of the fabricated allegations of "rape" against the Duke "university" lacrosse team in 2006:
"You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money."
Imagine of the Duke "university" lacrosse team had followed the Pence rule. Neither the thoroughly corrupt prosecutor's office nor the thoroughly corrupt "university" administration would have been able to do anything to them when convicted murderer Crystal Mangum fabricated an allegation of "rape" against them.

The Pence rule is a rule that is put in place because of the sinfulness of the human heart. It is a common-sense rule that simply seeks to avoid any sort of temptation or appearance of impropriety. That is is being demonized as oppressive, violent and misogynistic says much more about Leftists bashing Pence (and our depraved culture) than it does about the rule itself.