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By Scott Tibbs, November 1, 2017

♣ - A government with the authority to mandate that health insurance plans cover birth control also has the authority to prohibit birth control coverage. Is this really what we want?

♣ - President Trump's behavior surrounding calling grieving families has been abominable. There's a time to fight and a time to be above the fray. This is the time for the latter, and not everything needs to be about Trump's huge ego. The proper response: "I am saddened that some are turning this into a political fight. I will continue to console grieving families." Then you move on rather than making this into a urinating contest.

♣ - Declaring a "state of emergency" for Richard Spencer's recent speech in Florida was an absurd overreaction. Extra security is reasonable. A state of emergency is pathetic wimp snowflake hysterical crybaby nonsense. Governor Scott needs to grow a spine.

♣ - Despite the authoritarian fantasies of certain columnists, a state university is not legally allowed to prohibit freedom of association.

♣ - It is impossible for someone in custody to "consent" to sex with police officers. The behavior of the New York City Police Department has been reprehensible, especially attacking the character of the rape victim. And yes, it was a rape. Will rape statistics in this Democrat-ruled city fall now, because rape victims are afraid of the police?

♣ - Regarding the actual call: Was President Trump insensitive on the phone? We do not know what he did or did not say. Unless there is a tape, we will never truly know. Even if the President said what was reported, the worst you can say is he was failing in the right direction. Sometimes people make mistakes when trying to be compassionate or comfort people. We have all done it. I do not judge him for that.

♣ - It is a terrible policy for Facebook to allow anyone to send a message to anyone else. If we can restrict who can view our profile to our "friends" list, we certainly should be able to restrict who can privately communicate with us to our "friends" list. While you can block specific people, you have to block each individual person you do not want to get messages from. You cannot choose to only accept direct messages from your "friends." That would also protect someone from being harassed if a post goes viral in a bad way.