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The pathetic decline of Rachel Maddow

By Scott Tibbs, October 23, 2017

For the last seven or eight years, I have been listening to the audio podcast of Rachel Maddow's TV show. That is over, because I am done with her. Maddow has become increasingly shrill over the last ten months, but on October 12 she brought up a 2013 "joke" by Bill Maher that President Trump's mother might have gotten pregnant with him by having sex with an orangutan. Oh, yes, it is totally necessary to bring up bestiality "humor" four years after the fact. What legitimate point was made here?

Look, if Maddow wants to mock the President, I have no problem with that. Go for it. But to intentionally mock a man's mother by "joking" about her committing bestiality? That is sick and depraved. And no, I am not anywhere near gullible enough to buy Maddow's statement that she does not endorse the joke. If she did not endorse it, she would not have dug up a four year old joke from obscurity.

I was just about done with Maddow before this, but I kept listening because of her program's former quality. Maddow used to be informative. Yes, she was childish at times, but her program was informative and educational, and even though I almost never agreed with her, Maddow presented her opinions in such a way that it was enjoyable to listen to her.

Not anymore. Maddow had already become deranged over the Russia controversy, but she is now waddling in Bill Maher's slime pit. This is the last straw, and no one who thinks that accusing someone's mother of bestiality is appropriate political commentary on national television deserves any respect whatsoever.

Maddow's fall is unfortunate. It is not like she is a stupid woman, who has to be vulgar because she lacks the talent needed to put on a good program. She is very bright, educated and well-read. But since Trump won, she has been completely deranged. She is no longer worth listening to and she no longer deserves her status as a "respectable" voice on the Left. As President Trump himself would say: Sad!