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Prison rape is an evil that must always be opposed

By Scott Tibbs, October 20, 2017

Matt Walsh commented on a horrific story of child abuse on his Facebook page:
And the injustice is made even worse by the fact that this guy will now be put in protective custody in prison to shield him from prison justice. Personally, i think it's immoral to force the taxpayers to pay for special treatment and protection for child rapists.
Throw him into the general population to fend for himself? No. That is an evil viewpoint.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty. I volunteer to personally pull the switch on the electric chair to kill this man. I will rejoice with great joy when this man is dead. But prison rape is not "justice." It is a crime against humanity and we are worse as a country for turning a blind eye to it. When we allow our prisoners to be raped, beaten, tortured and extrajudicially murdered by other prisoners, we are no different than the totalitarian regimes like North Korea that we condemn. We are no different from the Islamic State. This is evil and God hates it.

A humane execution at the hands of the civil magistrate, imposed after a fair trial where a murderer or rapist is convicted by a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt, is a good and just thing. I would say it is a beautiful thing that shows the love of God. Years or decades of sexual torture, anal rape and brutal beatings at the hands of other prisoners is something totally different. It violates the rule of law and turns us into sadistic barbarians and savages. It is anathema to Christian doctrine and American values.

Walsh claims that we should not be forced to pay for security for evil men who commit horrific acts. Yes, we are. That is the whole point of having prisons and correctional officers in the first place: To provide some order and security. Prison is not supposed to be a place where anarchy rules. If for no other reason than the security of the guards and other staff, there must be order and security. Does Walsh seriously not understand why this is needed? Is he truly this stupid and ignorant?

Plus, sometimes innocent people go to jail. Bernard Baran went to prison on a totally fabricated charge of child abuse. While he was there, he was raped more than 30 times. Does Matt Walsh think this is a good thing? I mean, we should not spend extra money to protect people convicted of horrible crimes. Let Baran fend for himself. He goes to prison, gets raped 30 times, and then... Oops!! He was innocent all along. Does Matt Walsh think that was a good thing?

Does Matt Walsh approve of what happened to Christopher Clugston, who was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, where he was gang raped and infected with AIDS? Would Matt Walsh have objected to the added security needed to protect Clugston from being gang raped and infected with a fatal disease? Clugston was convicted, after all... until he was exonerated. As Britney Spears would say: Oops!! We did it again.

Matt Walsh is endorsing something that God hates. Walsh needs to repent.