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Of course there was evil on both sides in World War II

By Scott Tibbs, October 18, 2017

It is common for people to assume that in a conflict, one side is right and one side is wrong. This is often not the case, and we need to use discernment. Sometimes, both sides have good points, and sometimes both sides are wrong. Sometimes there is a mix of good and bad on both sides. In fact, there are many conflicts where there is pure evil on both sides. This brings me to this comment from a letter to the editor last week:
In World War II, America and her allies defeated Hitler and the Nazis. To my knowledge, no one has ever said, “Those Nazis were some bad hombres, but to be fair, there were bad people on both sides.”
The idea that there were not bad guys on both sides in World War II is utterly absurd.

Joseph Stalin was every bit as evil as Adolf Hitler was, and the Soviet Union murdered even more people than Nazi Germany did. On top of the blood spilled by Communists in the USSR, we have the rivers of blood spilled by Stalin's ally Mao Zedong. Tens of millions of people were murdered by Red China in the name of Communism. Can there be any doubt that Communism is a truly evil philosophy?

On the western front, the moral lines were clear. Ruthless Nazi Germany was the aggressor, and we were engaged in a defensive war to liberate Europe from the Third Reich. But it is also true that we sided with a terrible evil (the Soviet Union) because it was necessary to defeat another evil (Nazi Germany) that was a more imminent threat to us and to our allies.

Once the war was over, the enemies of the defeated Nazis became our enemies. There is a good reason we had a Cold War with our former allies for 45 years after the end of World War II and why we sacrificed so much in blood and treasure to stop Soviet expansionism.

The world is not black and white. There is evil everywhere. Only a fool denies that.