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The fake "scandal" involving Ted Cruz

By Scott Tibbs, September 21, 2017

It is ridiculous to accuse Senator Ted Cruz of personally "liking" porn after his official Twitter account "liked" a link to a hardcore porn video last week. It may be fun to ridicule him for the errant "like" but it is highly unlikely that Cruz himself clicked the little heart under the infamous tweet advertising a hardcore porn video. Seriously, do people not understand how high-level political figures operate?

As soon as I saw the news stories about this fake "scandal," I assumed that a staffer has access to the account through his phone or tablet (or even Tweetdeck or Twitter for Windows) and was logged into the wrong account when he was looking at inappropriate websites on his own time.

With Tweetdeck, it is easy to do something with the wrong account - easier than the apps for Android, Windows or iOS. I manage the Christian Citizens For Life account (which you should totally follow if you are on Twitter) and I have replied to my own tweets using the CCFL account instead of my personal account. I then delete the Tweet from the CCFL account and post it on mine.

Outside of rare exceptions such as Donald Trump, most high level politicians do not manage their own Twitter accounts. That is entirely handled by staff, who post approved tweets to help spread that politician's message. Even Trump has his staff managing his Twitter account from time to time.

So, yes - it is perfectly reasonable to poke fun that a major politician's official Twitter account had inappropriate activity. It is dishonest to seriously assert that it was Cruz himself that was the one clicking the little heart on a porn account's tweets. There is no evidence that is the case.

The staffer should probably be fired, by the way.