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Hillary Clinton peddles another victim fantasy

By Scott Tibbs, September 7, 2017

Could Hillary Clinton possibly be any more of a crybaby snowflake? Oh yes, I am sure that Donald Trump was trying to physically intimidate her at one of the debates. Right.

Perhaps I could take Clinton seriously if she did not have a history of doing this kind of thing. Does anyone remember how she and her feminist entourage freaked out when Rick Lazio handed her a "clean campaign pledge" at a debate in 2000? It may have been a gimmick and a publicity stunt, but there was no intimidation or attempt at intimidation. Had Lazio done the exact same thing against a male opponent, no one would have thought anything of it.

I wish Twitter had been around back then. Clinton would have been mercilessly mocked and ridiculed for being such a complete crybaby snowflake, pretending she was "bullied." The memes would have been hilarious. Come on, think about it. Was Lazio really going to physically intimidate the First Lady, with the Secret Service standing right there? Give me a break.

Both candidates had things to complain about during the 2016 campaign, and both candidates have things to complain about in every campaign. This was not one of them. This is just one more example of Clinton trying to make herself into a victim to be pitied, so everyone can soothe her feelings. Is this really someone who is tough enough to stand up to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un?