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Princess Diana was murdered 20 years ago today

By Scott Tibbs, August 31, 2017

I know people will see the title of this blog post and think I am an unhinged, wacko conspiracy theorist. I assure you I am not. I do not believe that there was a conspiracy to secretly murder Princess Diana, by the British crown, MI-6 or anyone else. I do, however, possess something that is lacking today: Moral clarity.

You see, Princess Diana was murdered by the jackals in the paparazzi.

The facts are clear. Paparazzi stalkers were following and snapping pictures of Diana and her companion. This is one thing: Celebrities have a lower expectation of privacy than average citizens, especially in public places. This is one of the trade-offs that comes with being a celebrity. But then it got very dark.

Diana's driver began to speed away, and the paparazzi chased after them. By chasing Diana's car at a high rate of speed, the paparazzi knowingly and intentionally created a highly dangerous situation that predictably resulted in the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. But this was no accident. This was murder. The fact that the paparazzi had no intention of committing murder does not absolve them of guilt in the murders.

Does the fact that Diana's driver was drunk reduce the paparazzi's moral guilt in her murder? No, it does not. Had the jackals not been chasing her at a high rate of speed, there would have been no high-speed accident. The paparazzi behaved in a sub-human manner, and caused the death of a woman who had committed no crime. They did this in worship of money. Princess Diana was literally sacrificed to the demon Mammon.

I believe in freedom of the press. I militantly oppose efforts to censor what the press is allowed to print and I militantly oppose efforts by government officials to prevent the news media from researching stories. A free press is essential to democracy. That does not give the press free reign to commit crimes and cause death and destruction. It is an abomination that none of the paparazzi jackals were ever punished for their role in the brutal murder of human beings made in the image of Almighty God.