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Hate crime laws should be rejected

By Scott Tibbs, August 28, 2017

Below is my open letter to the speaker of the Indiana House and Monroe County legislators.

Before I go farther, let me emphasize that it is important that we reject and rebuke Fake News, such as this statement in an article from the Associated Press:
The Anti-Defamation League lists Indiana as one of just five states without laws against crimes motivated by biases, such as race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Proposals to establish such a law in Indiana have repeatedly failed over the past decade.
Obviously, this is false, but this statement is not just misleading or inaccurate. It is a lie, written by a liar. Murder, rape, assault, arson, vandalism and other crimes are already illegal. If someone commits a crime because he hates homosexuals, blacks or Jews, then he will be punished for it. He will be punished just as harshly as if he did it because he was bored or greedy.

Furthermore, it does not even make any sense. There is no law against crimes? The very definition of a crime is that it is against the law! Do the purveyors of Fake News at the Associated Press even understand how the law works? Or are they willing to risk appearing to be stupid to advance their lies?

Speaker Bosma,

I am very disappointed that you are once again pushing for a "hate crimes" law that is antithetical to the principles of our Republican Party and creates a special class of people who are more valuable in the eyes of the law than others. This proposal should be rejected.

Beyond the fact that hate crime laws are unnecessary, they are un-American. A basic principle of our nation, from our declaration of Independence to the Fourteenth Amendment to the values we allegedly hold today, is that we are all created equal and are equal under the law. When a crime against someone in a protected class is punished more harshly, it makes everyone else less valuable under the law. Too much blood was spilled overturning wicked Jim Crow laws to re-enact them in the name of Political Correctness.

Charlottesville does not demonstrate that we need hate crime laws. Charlottesville demonstrates that we need to enforce the law, and never allow thugs and criminals (whether "alt right" or Antifa) to rampage through our cities and engage in bloody street brawls with no interference from police who have abandoned their sworn duty as law enforcement officers.

If we are serious about protecting victims of hate crimes, We should enforce the law with zero tolerance. Every single murderer should be put to death, without exception, as commanded by Holy Scripture. People who commit arson, assault and rape should be harshly punished as well. What we must never do is abandon our commitment to equal protection under the law. We are better than this.