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A fake "hate crime" that exposes a true evil

By Scott Tibbs, August 23, 2017

Imagine after the fake "hate crime" against a Brown County church last month that a man named Bubba is identified as a suspect. Bubba is not guilty, of course, because it was actually a militant homosexual who spray-painted a Nazi symbol and anti-homosexual slurs on his own church.

For Bubba, it does not matter. He is inundated with hate mail, death threats, and obscene material. He is forced to close his social media accounts that he uses to keep in touch with friends and family. He becomes a social pariah and loses friends - and those friendships are not restored even after he is exonerated. Bubba is fired from his job under the immense pressure of the social media lynch mob, and then has difficulty finding employment from that point forward because that will always be on his record. He is radioactive. Some people will always associate him with a crime he had nothing to do with.

This is why the fraudulent "hate crime" was so evil. What if someone actually had been identified as a suspect? His life would be ruined. He would never recover from the effects of that false accusation.

We are fortunate that the false flag "hate crime" perpetrated in Brown County did not result in an actual person being identified as a suspect or, even worse, arrested and charged with a crime someone else committed. Would the perpetrator of the fake "hate crime" hoax have immediately stepped forward to exonerate the innocent person if that had happened? Keep in mind that he allowed the hoax to continue for several months after he vandalized his own church/employer in a premeditated, calculated hoax.

This is why I said the perpetrator is a liar who can never be trusted again, because he actually is a liar who cannot be trusted. Nothing he says can be believed. He confessed only after he was presented with the evidence of his own crime. From the May 4 Herald-Times:
Last Friday, Brown County Detective Brian Shrader went to Stang’s apartment, where he interviewed the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music doctoral student for 38 minutes in an unmarked police car while heavy rain fell. During the interview, Stang admitted he was responsible for the graffiti.
Even in admitting the crime and pretending to take responsibility, the perpetrator passes the buck. He claims to suffer from depression. He claims his parents do not support him because he is a homosexual. (Again, his credibility in any claim he makes is pretty much non-existent.) Does he really take responsibility? Would he have ever confessed to the false flag operation if he had not been caught, or would he have allowed the hoax to continue, fraudulently allowing people to believe there are actual Nazis who were vandalizing churches in southern Indiana? Would he have continued to allow tens millions of people to be connected - even tangentially - to a crime he himself committed?

The perpetrator of the hate crime hoax deserves no sympathy or understanding. He deserves only scorn, and he certainly must never be trusted again. He has shown his character. We know exactly who and what he is.