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Donald Trump is not a prophet and certainly not a messiah

By Scott Tibbs, August 21, 2017

Donald Trump was chosen by God to save America!

I have seen this meme a few places, usually on Twitter. Technically, according to Romans 13, is is true that President Trump was put into power by God. But that also applies to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi nationally, as well lower magistrates such as Rahm Emanuel. Internationally, it applies to Kim Jong Un. All earthly leaders have authority because it was delegated to them by God. They are all under the authority of God, whether they submit to Him or not. (For another example, see John 19:11.)

My problem with this meme is not arguing that Trump was put in place by God, because that is scripturally sound. My problem is using that as an excuse for idolatry. There is a significant cult of personality surrounding Trump, with many people treating him more as a religious leader than a political leader. Not only is this wicked idolatry, it misses a very important point about our President.

We need to be honest. Donald Trump is not a Christian. He openly admits he does not seek forgiveness from God, which is the very definition of being a Christian. (Keep in mind that I say this as a Trump supporter.) Trump has implemented some very good policies and is advocating for more good policies but Christians need to recognize that he is not one of us. It is pure hate for Trump to argue otherwise.

But for "christians" to hail Trump as some sort of emissary of God is wicked idolatry and God hates it. Trump is no messiah. God has been merciful in putting in power someone who has put the brakes on the Left's culture war, and we should be thankful for that. But we are to worship the God who grants all earthly rulers their power, and never treat any earthly ruler as a messiah.