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Trump sycophants take the coward's way out

By Scott Tibbs, August 14, 2017

It is utterly absurd to whine that conservatives who have substantive criticisms of President Trump "wanted Hillary."

First, allow me to let you in on a dirty little secret: Politically speaking, Hillary Clinton is dead. She will never be President. Using her for fear-mongering is not just intellectually dishonest, it is political necrophilia. Leave the corpse of her political career in the ground to rot, instead of repeatedly digging it back up. Let her fade into irrelevance where she belongs.

Whining that someone "wanted Hillary" is the coward's way out. It does not address substantive criticisms of the President. It is a way to avoid a discussion someone deems inconvenient by putting Trump's conservative critics on the defensive with a fraudulent attack. Using that line of attack demonstrates that one either cannot defend Trump's antics or is afraid of a legitimate discussion of policy or behavior.

The 2016 election is over. The "binary choice" meme has expired. It is logically and factually invalid to continue to respond to substantive criticisms of the President by bringing up the choice between Trump and Hillary. There is no choice, because Hillary Clinton's political career is over.

I have criticized President Trump since he took office, and I will continue to criticize Trump, because I want him to be better. I want him to succeed. Because his childish antics and Twitter tantrums get in the way of that, I want him to stop. There are many things in the Trump agenda that I support, and I do not want him to be in the way of those things getting passed and implemented.

It does not help President Trump when his sycophants mindlessly defend everything he does. If you truly support the President, you would want him to be the best President he can be. We have a unique opportunity to get a conservative agenda passed over the next four years. We must not waste it.