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Socialized medicine, death panels and ObamaCare

By Scott Tibbs, August 7, 2017

It is incredibly dishonest to equate the Charlie Gard case, and the Death Panels that murdered that precious little baby made in the image of Almighty God, with the American health care system.

Imagine this scenario: Bubba and his wife have a child, and that child is born with a genetic disease that is almost always fatal. Bubba learns of an experimental treatment that might save his baby's life, but his insurance company denies coverage, and the hospital refuses to treat his son. Bubba raises $1.5 million dollars, and takes his baby to a different hospital for treatment, where he pays in cash. Because we seceded from the British Empire, Bubba has the freedom to do that.

In the United Kingdom, Charlie's parents did not have that freedom. They had the money to pay for Charlie's treatment, but the so-called "hospital" was bloodthirsty and determined to murder a baby. They kidnapped Charlie, held him hostage, and murdered him. The government's evil Death Panels endorsed this decision, and the so-called "human rights" courts agreed that a helpless baby must be murdered. His parents would not be allowed to seek medical treatment elsewhere and pay for it themselves.

Our health care system has many flaws, and there are reforms that need to be made to bring market forces into health care, lower prices, expand coverage and encourage innovation, among other things. But we do not (yet!) have government-run Death Panels that decide whether someone's life is worth living, regardless of the wishes of the patient or his parents. If someone has the money to pay for treatment in cash, there is nothing (yet!) that the insurance companies can do about it.

But we know where this is going, and the ultimate goal of ObamaCare. Sarah Palin was right when she warned of Death Panels in 2009. Consider the man who could have surgery to repair his injured back, and that ObamaCare will not cover it - but ObamaCare will pay for opioid painkillers. This should not be a surprise, since Barack Obama himself advocated this "treatment."
"At least we can let doctors know ó and your mom know ó that you know what, maybe this isnít going to help. Maybe youíre better off, not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller."
Obviously, Barack Obama is a very wicked man, enamored with slaughtering the innocent. Socialized medicine is wicked. Allowing government to control who does and does not get treatment - allowing government to control who does and does not get to live - is terribly wicked. If the Charlie Gard scandal proves anything, it is that socialized medicine must be avoided at all costs. That starts with ripping ObamaCare out of our laws, root and branch. No government should have this kind of power.