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Abandoning due process is not and will never be "justice"

By Scott Tibbs, August 2, 2017

In the 1980's, Bernard Baran was fraudulently convicted of sexually abusing children. He never committed those crimes, but through unethical and illegal practices by law enforcement, he went to prison anyway. While he was there, he was repeatedly beaten and raped by other prisoners.

The police and prosecutors who fraudulently convicted Baran are every bit as guilty of the beatings and rapes as the actual perpetrators, because those crimes would not have been committed had Baran not been in prison. They should all be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives, because they are a clear and present danger to our liberty and our Constitution.

This brings me to a hysterical article in the UK Guardian:
Women tell stories of their accused rapists even academically flourishing as they themselves fail classes or drop out to avoid seeing their attacker. Under the Obama administration, that tide started to turn.
We all know that the Trump administration and appointees are eager to undo Obama’s work – but it shouldn’t come at the expense of rape victims, and of justice.
The reason we have due process is not to help criminals get away with their crimes and to prevent justice for victims, despite the Communist propaganda of people like Jessica Valenti. The reason we have due process is to protect the innocent from being convicted by thoroughly corrupt public officials. The reason we have due process is to make sure the real criminals are punished, unlike with the Central Park Five, who spent decades in prison for a brutal crime that the real perpetrator got away with.

Obviously, the system often fails, and the evidence of that is cases like the Central Park Five and Bernard Baran - along with Christopher Clugston, who was gang raped and infected with AIDS in prison after being fraudulently convicted of a crime he did not commit. We need to radically reform the way our criminal justice system operates to restore the original intent of our Constitution.

This, of course, brings me to Valenti. In her rush to make sure "victims" are believed and that "victims" get "justice," she wholeheartedly endorses the brutal gang rape of our Constitution perpetrated by Barack Obama and his administration. Many abuses of power have been well documented, and innocent men have had their lives ruined because ruthless college administrators are out for scalps.

This is simply wrong and must be reversed. The anti-American policy of Barack Obama must be reversed. The federal government should never demand that due process be murdered. We can protect victims and safeguard due process at the same time. There is no reason to choose between victims and due process.

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