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Throw the rear view mirror out of the window

By Scott Tibbs, July 25, 2017

To expand on a tweet from July 13: The "scandal" involving Russian meddling in the campaign is designed to hide the fact that Donald Trump fairly won the required number of votes in the Electoral College. The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump won the election. Democrats are furious that they lost an election they were favored to win, and they lost it to someone they truly despise. However, Trump still won. Get over it.

Of course, meddling in the campaign is not the same as hacking the election. There is not a single shred of evidence that a single voting machine was hacked. It is irresponsible and dishonest to continue to claim (as Rachel Maddow does) that Russia "hacked the election." They did no such thing, and everyone knows it. Meddling in the campaign by (allegedly) hacking a political party's e-mail and releasing those e-mails to the public, and (allegedly) spreading both fake and legitimate anti-Clinton news is not the same as "hacking the election."

The American people made their decision, and nobody from Russia forced them to do so. They consumed the negative information about Hillary Clinton, measured it against Trump, and they voted. Enough voters in enough states voted for Donald Trump for him to win the Electoral College, and there is nothing illegitimate about that. He is the President and should be recognized as such. It is legitimate to oppose the President's agenda, criticize his behavior, and advocate that he be removed from office in 2020, but it is long past time to move on from the 2016 election.

Of course, pro-Trump Republicans need to get over it too. Hillary Clinton's political career is dead. She will never be President and she will never run for office again. By continually whining about Clinton, Republicans show themselves to be petty sore winners who are unable to move on. This is political necrophilia and it needs to stop. You won, so get over it. Spend your time working to pass a conservative legislative agenda instead of re-fighting a battle you won decisively a year ago.

Donald Trump won, and he is the President. But while that election is over, politics is never over. Let's have a battle over legislation, policy, rhetoric, behavior and morality. Let's gear up for the 2018 election and see where that takes us. But Democrats (and some sore winners on the Republican side) need to leave the 2016 election in the rear view mirror - and then rip the mirror off and throw it out the window.