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How to harden and intensify opposition to Trump

By Scott Tibbs, July 19, 2017

Anti-Trump conservatives are a bunch of stuck-up elitists who cannot stand him because he talks like a "commoner." They see themselves as the intellectual standard-bearers and rightful leaders of the conservative movement and they will never support someone who speaks like a "commoner," even when he implementing public policy they agree with and would publicly praise any other Republican doing the same things.

And that is exactly the wrong way to convert "Never Trump" conservatives.

As a former "Never Trump" and current Trump supporter, this oversimplification is not only offensive, it is wrong. It does not convince anyone, it has never convinced anyone and it will never convince anyone. It is nothing more than arrogant virtue signaling by Trump supporters.

I support President Trump in his effort to "drain the swamp" and "make America great again," because I mostly agree with the policies he has implemented as President. Obviously, there are places I disagree. There has never been and will never be a candidate or elected official I agree with 100%, unless I am voting for myself. But Trump has been far more right than wrong.

That said, I categorically reject arguments that Trump is the "only one" of the Republican candidates who could effectively advance the conservative agenda. I categorically reject arguments that Trump is the "only one" who could have defeated Hillary Clinton. That is a cult mentality and I have no patience or tolerance for it. Even as a Trump supporter, I will continue to damn the worship of him as a messiah.

I did not vote for Trump, and I do not regret that decision. I support Trump now because as President he has implemented solid conservative policy and realistically he is the only option we have right now to implement conservative policy at the federal level. If we want market-based health care reform, lower taxes, border security, less regulation, and protection for the unborn, that goes through President Trump.

That said, I absolutely do not dismiss all conservative opposition to Trump as illegitimate. Again, that is a cult mentality and I despise it. I support Trump. For those conservatives who do not I will make the case for why he deserves conservative support and allow people to follow their conscience. I refuse to cast conservative opposition to President Trump as illegitimate.

That is not how you convince "Never Trump" conservatives to support Trump. I know this because it failed to convince me. Not only did it fail, it hardened and intensified my opposition to Trump during the campaign. The way you convince "Never Trump" conservatives to support Trump is to make the policy and political case for supporting him, not by demonizing them.

I know this because that is what worked to convince me to support Trump. Attacking me only solidified and intensified my opposition to him, and increased the volume of that opposition. While I do not regret voting against Trump in 2016, I would vote for Trump if the 2020 election were held today.

That is not because I was attacked, called illegitimate or immoral, or told I was a liar, a traitor to my county and a danger to my family. Those attacks were lies and slander in 2016 and they are lies and slander today. I was convinced by solid arguments and good policy. That is the case Trump supporters need to make, instead of the divisive attacks on "Never Trump" conservatives.