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Please do not murder little Charlie Gard

By Scott Tibbs, July 13, 2017

Note: I sent this open letter to Great Ormond Street Hospital last week.

I am both angry and deeply grieved by your treatment of the Charlie Gard case.I am writing you to beg you to reconsider your decision to condemn this baby to death and your decision to steal the authority rightly given to his parents by Almighty God.

I could understand if you refused to continue caring for Charlie, but for you to refuse to release him to his parents is unconscionable. All you have to do is allow his parents to use the $1.5 million they have collected to seek treatment elsewhere. Perhaps you are right, and Charlie is going to die no matter what is done. Only God knows what would happen. But this is not your decision to make. You do not have the right to decide that this baby will not be allowed to receive medical care elsewhere.

That authority rightly belongs to the parents. In kidnapping Charlie (and that is exactly what you are doing) you are in direct rebellion against the order established by God. Recall in Romans 13 that "the powers that be are ordained of God" and that rebellion against the authority God has established brings damnation. In a sane world, the civil magistrate would take the child by force and return him to the custody of his parents, but the civil magistrate in the United Kingdom is wicked and bloodthirsty.

I would urge you to pray and repent, because the wrath of God is a terrible and frightening thing. As caretakers of sick children made in God's image, you will be held accountable by God for how you handle this and other cases. You will stand before God and answer for what you do here. I remind you that God's Holy Word describes the murder of babies as so terribly wicked that it never even entered into the mind of God. (See Jeremiah 7:31, Jeremiah 19:5 and Jeremiah 32:35.)

Please repent of this terrible sin. Please do not murder Charlie Gard.