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What about this issue over here, huh?

By Scott Tibbs, July 12, 2017

A favorite tactic of the Left is to distract from abortion by bringing up other issues, in an attempt to "prove" that abortion opponents are "hypocrites" for their stance on other issues. But none of these issues come close to the sheer brutality of abortion, with a staggering sixty million unborn babies murdered since 1973. Every year, over a million babies are murdered in America's abortion clinics, and several hundred babies die every year right here in Bloomington. Abortion is the biggest moral issue of our time.

With that said, I will answer some questions that were posed to me in the Herald-Times comments about issues that can be seen as "pro-life" issues.

"Are you against the death penalty?"

No, and that is because I value human life. Some crimes are so heinous that the criminal has forfeited his right to life. It is illogical to equate the murder of an innocent baby in the womb to the lawful execution of a murderer. With that said, we must be absolutely uncompromising on due process for accused murderers.

"Are you against the many useless wars that we have fought for years?"

What is a "useless" war? Obviously, people have different opinions on what is justifiable and what is not. I have been critical of military action in the past, specifically against Syria. That is far too broad of a question.

"Are you against the unfair jailing of millions of people for minor crimes?"

What is a "minor crime," in this context? Again, that is far too broad. Again, I am on record as being very critical of the over-criminalization of so much of life.

"Are you against the shooting of innocent black people by the police?"

This is a silly question. Nobody is in favor of shooting innocent people of any race. But sometimes tragic mistakes are made that where a shooting is a legally justifiable use of force, even if it turns out that the person shot was not a threat. It is not enough to say we are "against" such things happening, because everyone is against that. Every case is unique and must be judged on its own merits.

Considering I was the only candidate to oppose police militarization in the 2015 city election, and considering how many letters to the editor I have had on excessive force by police (see here and here and here and here and here and here and here) I do not need to establish my credibility on this issue.