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Stop spreading lies about innocent people!

By Scott Tibbs, July 7, 2017

We have plenty of real corruption in government without fabricating things that never happened, especially when innocent people have their lives destroyed by lies spread on the Internet. If you do not have the moral decency to refrain from murdering innocent people's reputations, will you people please stop humiliating yourselves by spreading these lies, and actually fact check things before you share them on social media?

I recently came across a video that claimed a Hollywood actor confirmed the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory in his testimony to Congress. If course, this did not happen. Nothing he said confirmed "Pizzagate" in any way. (I am not linking the video here because it is trash.) In fact, it has long been documented that "Pizzagate" is a complete fabrication.

It does not help children who have been sexually abused to spread debunked conspiracy theories like "Pizzagate." It actually harms them because it creates cynicism. Obviously, sex trafficking is real, and real children (mostly teenagers) are victims of it. But to libel and slander innocent people who have nothing to do with it is pure evil. Innocent people should not have their lives ruined, businesses destroyed, and be subjected to a torrent of death threats and attempted vigilantism by this filth.

The national panic over sex trafficking (to the point that people are paranoid that fellow customers in an Ikea store are trying to kidnap their children for sex trafficking) reminds me of Fran and Dan Keller, who were victims of the satanic sexual abuse panic in the 1980s and 1990s. Lurid and horrific stories were spread about them, including one where they amputated the arm of a gorilla.

Honestly, how stupid did the police and prosecutors have to be to actually believe that? Lest you think I am being mean, stupidity is the charitable interpretation. A more realistic interpretation is that the police and prosecutors are liars and intentionally ruined innocent people's lives to get a notch on their belt.

When I see this crap spread around the web by people who claim to be "conservatives," it makes me ashamed to be a Republican and ashamed to be a conservative. It is humiliating to be associated with these people, even tangentially. We need to do better. We need to verify what we share on social media. We need to not feed wacko conspiracy theories that ruin innocent people's lives, and we need to call out these lies when we see them on social media. This shameful behavior needs to stop.