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A dishonest attack on anti-abortion activists

By Scott Tibbs, July 6, 2017

The author of a recent letter to the editor is upset that pro-life activists showed up to oppose the city council's decision to give thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and All Options Pregnancy Resource Center, but the attack misses the mark by misrepresenting the arguments that were made against that funding.

Yes, we "opposed providing funding for diapers for poor mothers' babies." But it is dishonest to leave out the reason why. The reason we opposed that funding is because All Options has a fund to pay for abortions - a fund to pay for the killing of innocent babies. We are not and have never been opposed to providing diapers. In fact, diapers are collected for the Hannah Center every January at the Rally for Life. Diapers can be provided without forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund an organization we find morally abominable.

The other issues are red herrings that have nothing at all to do with local government funding Planned Parenthood. That is the issue here: Whether city government should force everyone to fund Planned Parenthood and All Options. It is the same issue that many of those who support funding PP and AOPRC have with having their tax dollars used to pay for private school vouchers.

Planned Parenthood would easily survive not getting a few thousand dollars a year from city government. There is more than enough money floating around Planned Parenthood to pay for the Women's Health Fund in Bloomington, and diapers can be provided by other means - perhaps a city department.

It has been clear for many years now that Planned Parenthood is not applying for funding it "needs." This is about seeking a political endorsement from city government, and the Democrats are more than happy to waste thousands upon thousands of dollars every year to make tat political endorsement at the expense of organizations that actually need the money. It is shameful.