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Men should not compete in women's sports. Period.

By Scott Tibbs, June 15, 2017

Feminists scored a significant victory for women's sports with the passage of Title IX, and since then participation in, funding for and emphasis on women's sports has increased significantly. How ironic it is, then, that modern "feminists" are working with the transgender lobby (and the Democratic Party) to obliterate women's sports by allowing men to compete with women.

Last week, Matt Walsh covered the absurd story of a 15 year old young man who was allowed to compete against girls. His time would not have been good enough to compete against other young men, but was plenty good enough to dominate girls. Basically, he cheated by forcing his way into an event he was not permitted to compete in, cheered on by his permissive "parents" and school officials dedicated to the transgender cult.

This is not the only transgender insanity. In Texas, a girl "transitioning" to be a boy (which cannot and will never happen, as she will always be a girl) was permitted to compete against other girls in wrestling. No problem with girls competing against girls, right? No, but in this case the girl was taking hormones to get more masculine physical characteristics. Basically, she was openly cheating with performance-enhancing drugs. This, too, had to be permitted because of the cult of Political Correctness.

Who are the victims here? Who is left behind? In both cases, the victims are the teenage girls who Leftists, Democrats and "feminists" pretend to care about. Girls who are competing fairly are put into a totally unfair "competition" against young men or other young women openly cheating with performance-enhancing drugs. So much for the equal opportunity that was supposed to come with Title IX.

The worst example is not high school sports, but women's mixed martial arts. Fallon Fox, a man pretending to be a woman, was allowed to compete against a woman - and he brutally beat and seriously injured her. Fox's victim Whatever you think of women fighting each other, allowing men to fight women is completely absurd. Men are bigger, stronger, faster and more durable than women, which is why we rightly frown on violence against women as a society. Unless, of course, it advances Political Correctness.

Folks, this is totally insane and this needs to stop. We have gotten to the point that we are openly denying biological facts in order to appease people a tiny minority of mentally ill. It is hateful to encourage and affirm mental illness. Worse yet, we are actually encouraging more cases of gender dysphoria. We should be helping these people live with their bodies instead of championing transgenderism as a civil rights issue.