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With government money comes government strings

By Scott Tibbs, May 28, 2017

As someone who graduated from a Christian high school twenty-five years ago, I am deeply concerned about vouchers for private schools. This concern was underscored by the Washington Post's reporting on questions by Rep. Katherine Clark about schools being punished for not enrolling children from families engaged in sexual rebellion.

Rep. Clark targeted Lighthouse Christian Academy in Bloomington, Indiana. This is of special interest to me as I have friends who are administrators, alumni, and parents at that school.

With government money comes government strings. Eventually, those strings will be woven into a rope that will be used to lynch religious liberty. Christian schools are already seeing this threat, as represented by Rep. Clark and others. I fear students being denied the wonderful opportunity I had to get a Biblically sound Christian education due to meddling politicians using government money as a weapon instead of as a tool to enhance educational opportunities.

Rep. Clark's targeting of Lighthouse is typically dishonest political misdirection. School vouchers in Indiana are a state program, not a federal program. Does Rep. Clark understand the difference between a state program and a federal program, or does she simply not care?

Lighthouse's standards are boringly normal orthodox Christian doctrine on sexual morality that has been in place for two thousand years. That standard will be in place long after Rep. Clark is gone. The Biblical standard is one man and one woman in a lifetime, monogamous marriage. Lighthouse is right to uphold this standard.