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Will "christians" finally admit Trump's character flaws?

By Scott Tibbs, May 26, 2017

I have been pleased with Donald Trump's policies as President, especially his pro-life policies and his rollbacks of regulations on business. If the 2020 general election were held today, I would vote to re-elect Trump.

With that said:

Can the "christians" who displayed cult-like devotion to him in 2016 finally admit that Donald Trump has major character flaws? He is arrogant, he is extremely thin skinned, he is prone to lying, he worships money and wealth, and he is very sexually immoral.

We can support the man in the office of President and admit that he is a very flawed, immoral man. And he is most certainly not a Christian. Refusing to admit someone's faults because he is your political party's top leader is not party loyalty. It is a cult mentality and it is idolatry. If you are a "christian" refusing to admit to those faults is a betrayal of the Savior who bled and died for you.

Worse yet, many "christians" now say that if a candidate had committed adultery, they would not have a problem voting for him, which is a reversal of what these "christians" believed just a few short years ago and certainly a reversal of Republican criticisms of Bill Clinton. The elevation of Trump to be the Republican Party's standard bearer is almost certainly the driving force behind this change, which means that "christians" put the Republican Party over God's Moral Law. Again, this is a cult mentality.

The election is over. Hillary Clinton is politically dead and is completely irrelevant. Therefore, the "Hillary is worse" meme needs to be permanently retired. The "binary choice" meme is dead.