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Mike Pence should be respected for honoring his wife

By Scott Tibbs, April 3, 2017

Leftist radicals screech and shriek at Donald Trump because he treats women badly, but hate Mike Pence because he loves and honors his wife. What a bunch of two-faced hypocrites! It is obvious that Leftist radicals have no principles, only that they hate Republicans and conservatives. They will morph and shape their "principles" around that hate, so they can justify that hate with an appeal to principle.

Pence's commitment to his marriage was been a subject of controversy last week - not because he is another on a long line of politicians who fell into sin and committed adultery, but because of his commitment to honor and respect his wife. You see, Pence has made the shocking and scandalous decision to never have a meal alone with a woman other than his wife. (Family is the obvious exception to that.) It seems unusual in our wicked day, but it is not enough to mock Pence as being too prudish or "behind the times."

Nope. Pence is part of the Taliban. He is a misogynist who actively oppresses women.

Before we get to that, let's address the source of the outrage: People think Pence is moralizing. He is not. He simply said this is how he personally behaves. He did not say everyone must make the same choices he did, and he is certainly not advocating his decision be codified into our criminal code. He simply wants to remove any doubt or temptation. Nonetheless, it is not a bad practice. Imagine if Mark Souder, who served with Pence in the House for nearly a decade, had made the same decision. He would still be in Congress. Souder was forced to resign from office after his adultery was discovered. One could say the same about many other politicians.

Pence harms no one and places a "glass ceiling" over no one. So what if he cannot meet with a female subordinate one-on-one? There is an easy solution to that. For a congressman, include your chief of staff and/or your district director if you need to meet with an employee of the opposite sex. As governor and Vice President, Pence had similar options. This is not difficult to work around. It is amazing how little imagination Leftist radicals have and how they are completely lacking in problem-solving skills.

Mike Pence is to be respected for his commitment. If the fact that Pence refuses to have a meal alone with any woman other than his wife causes you to become enraged, you are the one with the problem, not Pence. You are the one who is being intolerant of other people's life choices, which makes you a hypocrite. You would be smart to shut your mouth and stop making a fool of yourself.