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Of course we have enemies!

By Scott Tibbs, March 6, 2017

We often hear in politics that those on the other side or in the other political party are our opponents, not our enemies. This is generally true and we should operate under the assumption that the other side is wrong, not evil. But let's be honest: If you are involved in politics and/or you consistently speak in public on controversial political and cultural issues, you will have enemies. This is especially true if you are a Christian who speaks Biblical truth. Jesus Christ promises we will be persecuted, because we are not greater than our Master.

In fact, when Jesus tells us to love our enemies, He presupposes that we will have enemies. If we do not have enemies, we cannot obey this command. Scripture is filled with examples. Take a look at the Psalms, which is the Christian's prayer book, and see how often the psalmist refers to "my enemies."

I most certainly have enemies. This is not me being paranoid or overly sensitive. This is me recognizing reality. There are people who will viciously personally attack me and spread lies about me no matter what I do or say. There are people who will attempt to blackmail and threaten me into silence when I dare to say things they do not want to hear. We live in an effeminate age, and when someone recognizes reality and refers to anyone as "my enemies" people are shocked and scandalized.

So yes, I will point out when I am being unjustly attacked, and I will continue to point out that the people who obsessively do that are my enemies. Also, I am not the one who chose to have enemies. I would rather we be able to be civil. I am simply recognizing reality: Some people hate me and are my enemies.