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What is a legitimate question? When is a question fake?

By Scott Tibbs, March 2, 2017

For those of us who express political opinions publicly, it is common for us to get questions about what we believe or why we hold certain views. Generally, we should answer those questions in good faith. However, some questions are not legitimate and therefore do not deserve to be answered. How do we separate an fake so-called "question" from a legitimate question?

The most obvious standard is whether or not the question has been answered before. If someone asks a question and it is answered, and then that person continues to ask the exact same so-called "question" over and over and over only to get the exact same answer every single time, it is not a legitimate "question" and the fake "question" does not deserve to be answered.

Why would someone ask the exact same so-called "question" over and over when the answer is the same every single time? There could be many reasons. In some cases, the person asking the so-called "question" could be interested in moral preening, or the so-called "question" might actually be an attack on the person being asked that "question." Regardless, a fake "question" does not deserve an answer.

When someone asks me a legitimate question, I will answer it. When someone asks the same fake "question" over and over after it has already been answered, I will not answer it again. I will not give trolls what they want by wasting my time with fake "questions."