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My enemies continue to lie about me

By Scott Tibbs, February 27, 2017

I have always condemned political violence. I have a very long and very well-documented track record of condemning political violence generally, and anti-abortion violence specifically. Therefore, the charge that I am a "hypocrite" for condemning violent Leftist radicals for rioting and destroying property is utterly absurd. These charges in the comments for my letter to the editor are totally false, and my enemies know it.

And let's be clear: My enemies are liars. This is not a case where my views are not well known or where my views are unclear or contradictory. I have been very clear in public for two decades now that anti-abortion violence is wrong, so those pretending I have not condemned anti-abortion violence are liars. This is not debatable. There is absolutely no question about this, and every single person who pretends otherwise is a liar.

Some have suggested I "police" anti-abortion activists. That is absurd. I am not a police officer nor have I ever been given any authority by the civil magistrate to go after people who commit crimes. My authority extends to making my position against anti-abortion violence clear, which I have done repeatedly for twenty years. My only authority is to call for lawful, peaceful actions to end the evil of abortion. Beyond that, I am not responsible for the behavior of legal adults. I am responsible for my own behavior and the behavior of my children, not of any other adult person.

Finally, the fact that I defend someone's right to free speech does not mean I agree with everything that person is saying. That is not only intellectually dishonest, it is just plain stupid. It is evidence that my enemies are acting based on feelings and with no logical thought whatsoever. We should be above such childish arguments, but obviously my enemies are not.