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Free speech, freedom of the press and the "rally for choice"

By Scott Tibbs, February 14, 2017

Since the National Organization for Women held a "rally for choice" on February 11, I decided to attend with a sign showing the reality of "choice" - the remnants of an aborted baby. If you are advocating for "choice," then we should be clear on exactly what you are supporting and exactly what "choice" does.

I had butterflies walking up there. To some extent this because I was vastly outnumbered, but I got over that once I took my position. I was a little concerned that someone would take a swing at me, but thankfully that did not happen. I just stood there silently with my sign. I thought I would be surrounded and censored earlier, but they let me stand there for several minutes before ten people surrounded me to block my sign.

To test their commitment, I moved. They followed me and surrounded me again. When I moved a second time, they followed me and surrounded me again. So I thought it would be useful to document the fact that there was a moving wall, following and surrounding one counter protester with a sign. (There was another man there with a similar sign, who was seated.)

See the videos on Facebook: Part 1 and Part 2

See the videos on YouTube: Part 1 and Part 2

This is where the behavior of the feminists actually surprised me. This was a public rally. It was being covered by the invited news media. It was live-streamed on Facebook by NOW and on Periscope by someone else who was there. So taking video of the moving wall would not be a big deal, right? Wrong! Censorship of free speech was not enough for the pro-abortion crowd. They had to suppress freedom of the press in addition to practicing censorship. My phone was blocked from recording, and when I tried to move it they blocked it again. Non-approved video would not be permitted.

The whole situation was silly. My sign was not a threat to anyone at the rally, and neither am I. For perspective, no one surrounded and censored the signs of people who counter-protested the Rally for Life a month ago. They counter-protested and we held our rally. But because I was exposing the reality of what this rally was organized to support, the feminists had to censor free speech and suppress freedom of the press. It shows that the real intolerance in this debate is on the Left.